Medtech/Eating disorder

Keywords: GNU/Linux, ARM, MySQL, C/C++, RTOS, Bluetooth, PADS PCB, Solidworks

We got the assignment to design, develop and manufacture the 3rd generation scale for young people that suffers from eating disorder. We developed the mechanics, electronics and software for the customers device. To be able to follow the patients eating habits, we also developed a database that doctors and nurses used to follow up on the patients. PCB test, assembly, final testing and packing was handled as well.


Keywords: Linux, ARM, The Yocto Project, U-Boot, Rauc, Jenkins, Shippable, Docker, Jfrog Artifactory, C/C++, Python, Git, Jira, NXP, QUALCOMM

Denmark have always had the audio industry close to their heart. Today this industry have grown and there are several companies in Denmark producing consumer audio products. We have for a long time been working with these companies. Many times we have been part of a startup team where the companies need help with migrating their product to a Linux system. This involves helping out on everything from bring up of the HW making sure they have a basic Linux system running, to verify the HW for planning of CI/CD to make sure that the developers can start develop the applications. More than often we are involved in assisting with the production line, since preparing a virgin product and getting the system running in the production line can require some special care since the production line has some strict time requirements. The key to success is to get it right from the start.

Point of Sales/POS

Keywords: Linux, Windows x86, ARM, Altium Designer, C/C++, The Yocto Project, Qt

For a long time we have been working with companies that develop and market Point of Sales systems for dispensers. Our customers are located around the world, and thanks to our long cooperation we had the opportunity to work with customers outside Sweden boarders.

Medtech/Hospital equipment

Keywords: Python, ARM, Qt5, I2C, SPI, RTOS, C/C++, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, GNU, OpenOCD

For a client in medtech we have implemented the user interface for one of their products. The development consisted of, among others, C/C++, PLM and SDL. We also helped out with developing one of the clients newest machines. For that project we implemented the build system as well as Bringup of a Linux root file system. For the same client we have sold electronics as well as helped out with the architecture of the electronics.

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