WHO WE ARE?Excellence for 40 Years

Who are we?

Mikrodidakt AB was founded in Lund, Sweden, in the early 80’s. This was the time when electronics benefit from the large scale integration technology and made it possible to put a computer in just a few components. The microcomputer was born, today called embedded system. We are often referred to as just Mikro, hence our name Mikro. It is also a reference to the unit micro.

Why choose us?

With over 40 years in the embedded systems industry, our experience is a testament to our reliability. We’ve weathered industry changes, perfected our methods, and amassed a wealth of knowledge that we’re eager to apply to your projects. Choosing our company means embracing a partner that goes beyond the standard. We’re here to provide expertise, innovation, and dedication to your projects. No matter your requirements, we’re equipped to deliver tailored solutions that elevate your embedded systems endeavors to new heights.

Yes, we have done it!

We understand the anxiety with customers that is behind the question “Have you done it?”, however we would like to emphasize that competence is not only about experience but also very much related to the willingness and perception to take up new knowledge.

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