WHAT WE OFFERCustomized Consulting or Total Development

Tailor your path to success with us. Opt for an embedded consultant for precise expertise, or entrust us with your project’s full journey—from concept to completion. The choice is yours, the solution is us.


Product Development

Our knowledge covers the whole chain of embedded design


We have the expertise to implement low level software as well as drivers for operating system. We have a deep understanding of compilers, build environments and languages for embedded systems.


Taking you all the way from schematics to layout, via test to finished product prototype. For larger series, we have long term suppliers to collaborate with. We can assist on verification of the final products.


Crafting an embedded Linux system demands meticulous attention to CI/CD processes. Establishing a robust CI/CD framework hinges on a comprehensive grasp of the build environment—a prerequisite for seamless setup and scalable expansion.

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