PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTYour embedded project from design to prototype

Concept to Reality

Our three-step process is a partnership that transforms ideas into reality. We start with crafting the electronics, ensuring immunity and emission approvals while simplifying enclosure design. Next, we transition into software orchestration, delivering operating system integration and low-level software development. Lastly, we bring your vision to life with a tangible prototype, an enclosure that allows you to touch, feel, and refine your concept.

01. Hardware

“Crafting Electronics Excellence”

We excel in creating electronics tailored for both small and large production series. Our expertise spans from concept to reality, taking full ownership of the design process. With precision, we ensure your electronics not only meet but exceed immunity and emission approvals. Our approach to addressing EMC and EMI requirements extends its influence, streamlining the subsequent enclosure design.

02. Software

“Precision Software Orchestration”

As your project transitions to software, firmware, or board support package development, our expertise takes center stage. Whether it’s Linux integration or bespoke low-level software. Our skill set extends to crafting operating system drivers. We possess an understanding of compilers, build environments, and programming languages, making the software journey as robust as the hardware foundation.

03. Enclosure

“Crafting Prototype Reality”

This prototype, housed in an enclosure, is a touchable manifestation of your vision. While not the final design, it offers a vital stepping stone. Utilizing 3D printing, we bring your prototype to life, offering the unique opportunity to feel and interact with your creation. This phase serves as a litmus test, ensuring early-stage problem detection and a seamless transition towards your final design, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness and precision.

Realizing Visionary Projects: Elevating Concepts to Reality

From healthcare devices to audio innovations and global POS solutions, our project portfolio exemplifies our commitment to diverse industries. We blend expertise in electronics, software, and hardware to craft solutions that impact lives, industries, and markets.

01. Medtech

“Empowering Health: Transforming Lives with Innovative Solutions

From mechanics to electronics and software, every aspect was meticulously crafted to ensure precision and efficacy. The result was a device that not only addresses the needs of young people battling eating disorders but also empowers them to take control of their journey to recovery.

Beyond the device itself, we recognized the importance of a comprehensive approach. To track eating habits and progress, we setup a database and a admin interface that allowed doctors and nurses to provide personalized care and support.

Our commitment didn’t stop at development; we meticulously handled every aspect, from PCB tests and assembly to final testing and packing. This comprehensive solution epitomizes our dedication to creating real-world solutions that impact lives positively.

02. Audio

“Elevating Audio Innovation: Partnering for Excellence in the Audio Industry

In the heart of Denmark’s rich audio heritage, we stand as a contributor to the industry. As this sector thrives with numerous consumer audio pioneers. Collaborating closely with clients moving toward Linux integration. Our involvement spans from hardware initiation, ensuring the foundational Linux system runs seamlessly, to meticulously verifying hardware for effective CI/CD planning. This sets the stage for developers to craft innovative applications with confidence.

03. Point of Sales

“Global Innovations in Point of Sales: Redefining Dispenser Systems”

Our journey into the world of Point of Sales (POS) systems has led us to collaborate with companies that specialize in dispenser solutions. With a clientele spanning the globe, our partnerships have expanded beyond Sweden’s borders, embracing international horizons.

Our enduring collaboration has empowered us to navigate the complexities of global markets, each with distinct protocols and requirements. From Europe to distant shores, we’ve woven our expertise seamlessly into diverse POS systems, contributing to a truly connected dispenser ecosystem.

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