CONSULTINGEmpower Your Team with Our Collective Knowledge

Unlock Our Collective Wisdom

Your Team, Your Access to Expertise. When you bring a member of our agency on board, you’re not just getting an individual; you’re gaining access to our entire company’s knowledge base. Our collaborative culture ensures that every member can tap into the insights and support of our entire team. Your success is our shared mission.

01. DevOps

“Elevate Your DevOps with Embedded Expertise”

In the realm of Embedded System DevOps, generic solutions fall short. Our Embedded DevOps engineers combine DevOps mastery with deep embedded insight. With Linux at the core of many embedded systems, we ensure your builds are optimized for efficiency and scalability. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all DevOps. Embrace precision and unlock the full potential of your embedded development. Partner with us for a DevOps approach designed for embedded success.

02. Developer

“Expertise Beyond Coding”

When your project demands a skilled hand in Linux on embedded systems or bare bone hardware interaction, look no further. Our Developer consultants seamlessly integrate into your team, bridging the gap between software and hardware, and elevating your project to new heights. Proficient in C/C++ and well-versed in Linux intricacies, our Developers bring more than just coding expertise. When challenges arise, our team’s deep hardware knowledge shines. Empower your project with developers who are more than just code-writers.

03. Low-level

“Where Software and Hardware Converge”

Low level programming have always been one of our expertise areas. We have deep knowledge of both software and hardware and how they interact. This experience is valuable when designing system with properties of successful restart at power failure. Real time software and fast response time in the embedded system are properties that have been on the agenda since the company birth. We have worked with both drivers but also with the basic components of an operating system such as scheduling.

Amplify Your Project: The Power of In-House Collaboration

Unlock a Team, Not Just a Consultant. With our expert in-house, you tap into collective knowledge and seamless coordination for faster issue resolution. Your project benefits from a cohesive team, not just one expert. Access our tools for example debuggers like Lauterbach without added costs, enhancing efficiency. Experience the power of in-house collaboration – explore three prime examples below.

01. Revitalizing Legacy Products

“Hardware and Software Evolution”

Our expertise spans hardware and software, ensuring a smooth transition that preserves your product’s essence while embracing the future. We excel in redesigning electronics and implementing software updates for uninterrupted operation on existing hardware, ensuring a harmonious user experience across revisions.

02. BSP

“A Board Support Package is more than just code”

It’s the foundation that ensures your operating system and hardware harmonize flawlessly. We build the essential drivers and routines that transform your hardware into something more. Our expertise extends to Software Development Kits (SDKs), empowering you to create applications. With years of hands-on experience, we’ve honed our skills through the intricacies of the Yocto Project and its sub-projects.

Delivering a comprehensive Board Support Package often demands specialized tools for effective debugging. By collaborating with us and having your consultant work in our office, you ensure direct access to a full suite of essential tools. This setup accelerates issue resolution and maximizes efficiency, setting the stage for successful BSP deployment.

03. DevOps

Elevate Your CI/CD with In-House Expertise”

Our in-house approach can improve embedded systems projects. We collaborate to establish the CI/CD chains for seamless embedded systems builds. Our precision includes tailored build nodes, leveraging GitHub, Azure DevOps, or native nodes. Building Linux for embedded systems will require more resources and understanding the build environment used will enhance the possibility to setup a scalable setup from the start.

Our expertise extends to Continuous Deployment, streamlining software distribution through solutions like JFrog Artifactory. Our contribution brings not only technology but also a depth of embedded system expertise, enhancing setups whether you have an existing DevOps team or not.

Over the years we have been working with a multitude of tools and projects