Website, Logo and Facility

Welcome to our new website with the addition of this blog.
We will update our blog when ever we are working on something new, and every now and then we will share a little bit of our history.
This time we will update our readers and followers about what we have been doing the last couple of years.
During 2019 we started working on our HW site called Southtech.
This was ment to be an extra site where we can sell our PCB´s that converts physical and logical protocols. We have been helping customers with this for over two decades. To try and stand out, we also made a video with a film maker (Arber Baqaj).
The video, and more information about our protocol converter business, please visit our site
With a new website for our converters and HW department we thought that we needed a make over for our regular website as well. With a new and updated website, we wanted a new and updated logo.
Updated website and updated logo also ment an updated domain. with a new more aggressive owl logo is what we needed and that is what we got.
For over 40 ears we have been working from offices located in Lund.
Last year we decided to find a new office to work from and found a really nice location in Malmö.
To work in Malmö or, the greater Copenhagen area seems to workout pretty good for us.
We have close connections to Copenhagen as well as a few of our long term clients.
For 2022 we now have a brand new website with a brand new logo and a brand new domain and we are sitting in brand “new” facilities.
We will create magic now.

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